On Saturday, November 19,  Hilltoppers Sports and Cultural Club hosted      its 42nd Annual  Banquet at the Hampton Inn in the west island and there was more than enough prizes and awards being handed out to go with the festivities of the night.
On of the big announcements was the Arlene Phillips Scholarship Winners, which went to  Rashiyd Phillip-Wilson of John Abbott College   and Latrell Pierre  of Vanier College . The awards were presented by Lorraine Phillip

Hilltoppers 42nd. Anniversary Banquet Prize Draw:

1st. Prize Ticket # 1114…….
J. Andrews

2nd.Prize Ticket # 1448…….
C. Gourdes

3rd. Prize Ticket #981……..
Y. Mesidou

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to your continuing support.

Hilltoppers Sports &
Cultural Club