Bob White newIf you saw CNN the other day, a police pulls over a car, a Black guy is in it. The Police says “Let me see your drivers license, the guy gets out of the car, goes to his glove compartment to get his drivers license. The Police starts shooting at the Black guy. The Black guy is falling backwards, and holding his hands above his head, he is unarmed, while he’s falling backwards, he is asking the policeman “why are you shooting me, the Black guy keeps saying, “Im sorry, but why are you shooting me? If the shooting was not on tape, the police would have given another story.
But if you look at the tape, the police said “show me your drivers license, to a Black guy, the guy, the Black guy, did what he was asked to do, and the police started shooting at him, and while the Black guy was getting shot at, he kept asking the police “why are you shooting me? The Black guy had his hands up, he was non-threatening. Do they do this to White drivers?
The only threat was, when the officer saw the drivers face, it was Black. It’s hunting season for Blacks. Deer, bears, turkeys. There was an Amen in the barbershop from the regulars of the Ways and Means Committee. And when Joe and Yvonne at St. Mary’s Hospital hear about it, they will also say Amen.
All Blacks should read a book by Mack B. Morant, especially the longest standing president of the former Black Studies Centre, the board of the Union United Church and the people that run Youth in Slow Motion. The book is a classic.
Professor said, “in the article in Community Contact September 23, 2014, the NCC: The question is why? The answer is in a book written by Mack B. Morant. All of the answers are in there.
Lots of so-called Blacks didn’t know who Joe Louis was, until they got a free ticket to play in Montreal years ago.
Why is this important? The leader of a Black organization in St. Henri who never heard of Joe Louis? Most White folks heard of Joe Louis, one of the reasons was because White folks were always looking for that Great White hope.
Professor put up his hand and said, “Turn off Dr. Phil, he is also produced by Harpo productions, which is Oprah spelled backwards. Good luck to Oprah, she’s getting paid big time.
Crystal said, “Let’s make it clear, when Milton Sealey was working at some of the best places in New York City, so of the best were Jazz musicians in the world were around. I wonder if those people that ran the NCC knew this or cared. Its so sad, for the next generation, because they will never know, unless they join a library or keep reading Community Contact.
Schoolboy said, “I have such a bright future after I graduate from University, I’m going to have to wear sunglasses.”
Crystal put up his hand and said, “I had to find that article that was in the Gazette, September 11, 2014 about what the former president of NCC said, I wanted it to be crystal clear. She said, “When she had taken AP lessons until age 13, when it suddenly became uncool.”
Now, was it uncool for Oscar Peterson? Was it uncool for Daisy Peterson? Oliver Jones? For Milton Sealey? Was it uncool for Marcus Durant? Wayne Thomas? Was it uncool for Trevor Williams? Who was the NCC uncool for and why? When the city of Montreal gave the president of the board Shirley Gyles, half a million dollars ($500,000), was this cool or uncool? The houses, town houses all around the NCC are located in a prime area, as well as the (used-to-be) NCC. Prime real state, most of those places are valued at 660,000 thousand dollars.
When the city of Montreal gave her the money, 500,000 thousand dollars, did she call Richard Lord? Did she call Judge Juanita Westmoreland Traoré? Did she call the Mayor of Victor Hugo and ask “What do I do with this half a million dollars…
I need your input I’m cool, but they are uncool. I’m cool because I knew how to get half a million dollars from the city. I told them it was for the future of the Negro Community Centre. And they believed me, so I’m cool.”
The mayor Victor Hugo is Prof. Ed nurse who was born and raised in the area. He owns a property near the defunct NCC, I wonder if this was/is uncool.
Royal Arthur School was in the area so was this uncool? Many Blacks, Afro-Canadians went to Royal Arthur School, Henry Langdon, Mr. UNIA owned the property a few blocks from the NCC, so was this uncool? The former president of the NCC should make it crystal clear, which really was uncool. Unless it was a misprint in the interview in the Gazette article September 11, 2014, we hope so.
Professor put up his hands and said, “Let me tell you what’s uncool, we all know what’s cool. What’s uncool is when the government gives you money, a grant, and you say, “It’s for a Black Studies Centre,” instead of saying “It’s for myself,” this is uncool. Or when you get a grant from the city of Montreal and you say, “It’s for the Negro Community Centre,” this is uncool. Or when you sit on the board of the Union United Church, and you don’t know what you are doing, this is not cool.”
Money said, “Listen to me very carefully, I’m sitting in a barbershop, a guy comes in, takes a seat, a guy gets up from his seat, I asked the guy, “Why did you get up?”
The guy says, “I get nervous sitting next to broke Blacks. I can’t help it. There is too much money out here; he has none. I’ve been watching many people like him, it’s bad karma for me. I’m sure Bill Gates and those types of people don’t or will not allow those non-progressive people around him. I’m not or near Bill Gates and never will be, but I can think like him.”
There were some people on TV September 5, a meeting to save the NCC, this was uncool. When they were interviewed, one person said, “Where do we go now?” This was uncool, because the NCC has been closed for years, where were they going, for what?
Shirley Gyles figured out how to write a business plan to get 500,000 dollars from the city of Montreal, this is cool.
Now after she received the money, she should have taken a back seat and hired some people, the right people, or let someone else hire the right people, and all she does is write up more business plans to secure more grant money so someone else can maintain the NCC, because its obvious she could not do it. Now what she did was uncool, now there is no more NCC and this is uncool.
Welfare Wesley said, “Let me tell you what’s uncool, this is 2014. Let me read you this short article from the New York Post, October 3, 2014 race-oops sperm suit, Cleveland an Ohio women ha sued a Chicago area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a Black man instead of a white man as she and her partner had intended. Within days of their wedding in New York, Jennifer Cramblett and Armanda Zinkon had became pregnant with the donor sperm.
In April 2012, Cramblett received some disturbing news, says a law suit filed Monday against Midwest Sperm Bank in Cook County III. She learned from a sperm-bank employee that she had been inseminated with sperm from the wrong donor.
Welfare Wesley was telling Dropout “I cannot understand sometimes the way people talk. I’ll give you an example. A person says, “Do you have a cigarette,” the other person says, “No, I’m sorry, I don’t have a cigarette.”
Why does the person have to say, “I’m sorry,” why cant they just say, “No, I don’t have a cigarette. A cigarette has over ten poisons; cigarettes kill about 44 thousand people a year in Canada. I rather dink alcohol than smoke cigarettes, I’ll tell you why.
You take a glass of water, put a worm in it what happens, the worm wiggles around, swims. Take the same worm out of the glass and put it in a glass of whiskey or um, the worm will wiggle around and die from the alcohol.
If you squeeze an ounce of nicotine out of cigarettes, put it into a cup, I’m sure you would not drink it because it’s full up of poison. But take the same poison, nicotine, and mix it with tobacco, put it into a nice colored small package knowing that it’s poison, you will buy it and smoke it?
There was an “Amen.”
Professor said ‘there is a smoking cessation program, it’s part of the Rehabilitation program at the Mount Sinai Hospital. Just call them if you really want to stop smoking or later on, you will be calling Rev. Darryl Gray to do your funeral.
All of the regulars of the Ways and Means Committee said, “Amen.”
Rev. Darryl Gray is the best.
The telephone rang in the barbershop, Crystal answered it; she listened, and listened and then hung up.
Oh My God said, “Who was it.”
Crystal said, “It was Nathan, he said, “you don’t have to personally know someone to know them.”
Professor said, “Next time he calls, give me the telephone, I’ll explain to him that he’s wrong. They think they know Jesus Christ and they think they know God. Again, let me talk with him.”
There was “Amen” in the barbershop.