Looking for a home?

With the belief that every man, woman and child has the right to a decent, affordable and safe place to live, Habitat for Humanity has been building affordable homes for decades.
Not only is the objective to build and provide families with homes, but more importantly to create the environment whereby they can find peace, safety, self-esteem and comfort so that they can build a stronger future and break the cycle of poverty.
It’s against this backdrop that Habitat for Humanity is presently seeking 3 families to be considered to purchase the following units: a 2, 3, and 4-bedroom condominiums, all top duplexes. Ideally, families comprising 1-4 children should apply.
The houses, which will be built in the next year in St-Henri in the in the South West borough will be in close proximity to transportation, shopping, Atwater market, downtown, etc. In order to keep home ownership affordable, the units—duplexes—will minimize property taxes and maintenance costs (ex. roof repairs is half the cost since owners share the roof).
Through a zero interest mortgage and monthly payments set at 30% of income, the selected candidates must be of low-income status.
The 3-step selection process will take from 2-4 months and will be done by volunteers.
The first step includes the filling out of a pre–selection form available on the Habitat for Humanity web site (under homeowner, how to apply). If the families who apply are eligible, they will be contacted and required to complete a second form regarding more details about their financial situation. A credit check will also follow. If accepted, a home visit will be scheduled in order to determine the applicants’ level of need. An information session explaining the requirements of the initiative is also part of the selection process.
The 3-bedroom upper duplex will be completed by spring 2016, the 2-bedroom upper duplex for December 2016, and the 4-bedroom upper duplex by spring 2017.
For close to 50 years, the international grass roots humanitarian organization has been existence in 90 countries around the world building homes for selected individuals. And since 1998 they’ve been in Quebec.
With over 3000 volunteers (including lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, etc.) working at all levels, the non-profit organization also operates several Restore outlets in various Canadian cities where people are able to purchase various household products for home repair, as well as furniture, and other household items and appliances.
If you’re interested in this initiative and meet the necessary criteria, contact Habitat for Humanity at 514-937-0643, Ext. 225.
All forms must be faxed to (514) 937-7437, or mailed to Habitat for Humanity Province of Quebec, 4377, Notre-Dame St. W. Suite 108
Montreal, Qc H4C 1R9. Or visit their website www.habitatqc.ca.