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The month of August brought us  Spicemas, Grenada’s carnival that ended on the 11th and Montreal International Reggae Festival, which ran from August 14th to 16th. When I hear the word Spicemas the first thing comes to my mind is, Jab Jabs, Moco Jumbies and Veckos.
As we all know 2015 Montreal Carifiesta
was dominated by both T-Shirt and Jab Jab bands because they were inexpensive. Jab means “devil”, and it is a form of masquerade played on the carnival Monday morning (J’Ouvert).
Grenada did not invent the Jab, but there is no place on earth that you will find Jab as in a Grenada J’Ouvert. Jab is easy to play, and the costume if I can call it that is cheap. It’s most important to get dirty black from head to toe. So where does this black come from? Well, if you knew you won’t ever play. But I’ll run that risk, and still tell you. It can be one, or a creation of any of these: Car Engine oil, charcoal, tar and water based black paint.
Throughout the season there were numerous competitions such as: Carnival mas, Dimanche Gras, Panorama, Soca Monarch, Queen Show, Children’s Carnival Frolic and  Soca Monarch results are as
Power Winner: Boyzie – Battalions
2nd: Muddy – Cranial Disease
3rd: Squeeze head – Call the police
4th: Inspector – Stop and Search
5th: Luni Spark & Electrify – Hand Grenade
Winner: Short Pree – Dis Mass
2d: Inspector – Razor Blade
3rd: Boyzie – Last time
4th: Scholar – Doh take chance
5th: Valene – In my Dream

This year the Montreal International Reggae Festival celebrated their 12th anniversary, and they did deliver a festival like no other on
August 15,16 & 17th.  I was only able to attended the Day 3 also known as the final night of the Reggae Festival.   They say MIRF Sunday has become the heart of the fest and a must attend day. Here are some of the artist that performed on Sunday :  Exco Levi, The Manhattans, Bitty McLean, Cocoa Tea, Tarrus Riley. My favorite performance of reggae fest
that night was this small and short artist from Clarendon known as Cocoa Tea. Two years ago was at the festival and steal the show, this year he did like wise by skillfully interaction with the audience. He had them begging for him to stay on stage while telling them he was only given 40 minutes to perform and intend to stay longer.  Beside
Cocoa Tea amazing performance Reggae history was made during Tarrus Riley performance as he brought back on stage Cocoa Tea and big, bad Shabba Ranks who had a stellar performance on Saturday.
 Island Facts :
 Aug 14th 1791 – Controversial celebration when The slaves met and decided to begin the Haitian Revolution during a voodoo ceremony.
 Aug 16th 1950 – Birthday of Hasely Crawford Olympic-gold-1976 100m winner.
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Production Sounds Chart
1 All Ah We – Peter Ram
2 Dutty – Hypa 4000
3 Trap Queen – Fetty Wap
4 Mash up – Skinny Fabulous
5 Way Up Stay U
p – Chi Ching Ching ft. Popcaan
6 Puppy Tail – Demarco
7 Sugar Rush – Hypa Sounds
8 Dah Ain Bad – Porgie & Murda
9 Party Ah De Year – Edwin Yearwood
10 7eleven – Dexter Daps