As they have been doing for the past five years, the mature set will meet on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 9, for another get together where friendship and camaraderie will be celebrated in the midst of beautiful music and nonstop dancing.
Organizers call it the ideal old-school reunion, flavored by old-school music all night.
That is what the Graduating Class has come to represent for partygoers in this town.
This year the gathering, which usually attracts well over 500, will be
at Jet Night Club, 2020 Crescent, in the heart of downtown Montreal, and organizers add that the evening will be a tribute to the late DJ Patrick “The  Outlaw” Moses, a party legend from back in the early to mid 1980s.
For this, the 6th annual of this super popular get together, WD, the man behind the event, brings to the house three of the most respected deejays who have laid the foundation for clubbing and partying in Montreal: Everton “Spec II” Green, Eddie Lewis and Mike “Tuff” Williams.

Tickets usually get hot as we get into October. Find them at Marché Colonnade (West Island) 514-624-7689, Petro Canada (LaFleur LaSalle) 514-366-5731, Quebec Cricketers Fraternity (NDG) 514-993-5985 and A.C. Barber Shop (Downtown) 514-691-0857.