Dr. Julius Garvey brought a powerful message to Jamaica Association Heroes Banquet

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Montrealers were ecstatic by the presence of the laudable Dr. Julius Garvey, MD, son of the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, here on Saturday, October 21, to help celebrate our National Heroes.
He spoke eloquently of his father’s accomplishments, his ideals and the constant need to continue to strive, as a people, to educate and elevate ourselves so that people of color could determine their destiny.
The more than 100 persons in attendance were also pleased to be in the same space as Dr. Garvey in an atmosphere in the venue was electric with words of inspiration.
Among those in the crowd were: Her Excellency Janice Miller, Jamaica High Commissioner and Dr. David Eidelman, Vice Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Medical Faculty at McGill University, all welcoming Dr. Garvey in very moving tributes, as did Mr. George Grant, Jamaica Honorary Consul at Montreal.
Eight past presidents of the association were recognized, including in order of service: Mr. Ivanhoe Morrison, Mr. Maurice Valentine, Mr. Renn Brown, Mr. Edward Herron, Mr. Glen Gunning, Mr. Neville Gray, Mr. Noel Alexander and Mrs. Ivyline Fleming.
As the celebration of  Jamaica’s 55th independence continues, as well as the  association’s 55th year of representing Jamaicans in Montreal and Quebec, the organization is still  striving to create substantive changes and take deliberate actions to further define the Association’s raison d’ être.
They are implementing changes at the board level and incorporating some of the feedback, suggestions and ideas received from our committed members. Change is never easy, but always necessary.
Upcoming events: Members meeting is Saturday, November 18, at 7 pm, preceded by a bake sale that starts at 3:30 pm. On December 16, we will hold our AGM and board elections.
Please contact Michael M. Smith, President,with questions about events, programs or services: at 514-737-8229 or info@jam-montreal.com.