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It that time of the year again when Montrealers in search of some seasonal warmth will gather at the Caribbean paradise Restaurant for the annual Toy and Dinner Giveaway.
For the children, beginning at 11 AM on Sunday, December 16,  it will be a day of fun with face-painting, endless food and drink and a much anticipated appearance by the big guy with the white beard and red outfit.
For the parents and the older set, they can look forward to an endless supply of food as well as non-stop music of every genre with appearances by the Fitz-Patrick Sisters, Aldo Vilani, Love Man Kent and Martin Albino.
Djs ABNA, Jerry and Knoss will also be on hand.
Last year,  Babita, Dhanraj  and their team served hundreds of Montrealers and every child left with a toy. They are looking forward to doing the same this year.
As well, one or two special Montrealers will be awarded special plaques for their commitment to the community.
This event is a collaboration between Caribbean Paradise, Mystic Music and Love and WD Consortium.
It’s all free. Call 514 363 8080 for info.