Foster Homes Sought FOR sibling group of 3 and Joy

A foster home is sought for a sibling group, three year old May, two year old Marjorie and their eight months old sister Marie. The sisters are very close and must stay together. May the eldest is outgoing, happy and playful.  She is strong willed and tends to demonstrate this characteristic by having the occasional temper tantrum when she is not allowed to have her own way.  She is a quick learner, when she is sked as to how old she is, she quickly shows three fingers and proudly states: “I am three.”  May is in day care where she is blossoming and making new friends.
Two-year-old Marjorie is a quiet, playful and happy toddler. She is said to be a joy to care for. She is able to focus on activities.  She is able to receive and show affection, has a good daily routine eats and sleep well.
Eight months old Marie is said to be a delightful, cuddly bundle of joy with a good disposition. She is developing age appropriately .She is laughing, turning over while trying to get to the toys she spots in the distance. She sleeps well waking up for one feed at around 4:00 a.m.
The sibling needs a two parent family who is able to make the commitment to them for as long as they need. As well as being open to visits and continued relationship with their parents.  The ideal family  for May, Marjorie and Marie would be a two-parent of an Inuit and Ojibway or an Aboriginal family who will be open to visits from their parents.
For more information about the children please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, local 1139.
A foster home is being sought for twenty three (23) months old Joy who is an active, boisterous and curious toddler with a good disposition. She loves to be cuddled and finds this a great comfort while she watches one of her favourite TV programs.   She is sociable, is able to play in groups and is very comfortable playing on her own.  Joy will need to be closely supervised as she has not yet develop a sense of danger. She is fearless, likes to jump, run and tumble.  She also gets into any and every thing as she explores her environment. She has a good daily routine she sleeps well and has a healthy appetite.
Even though Joy understands and will follow instructions as directed she can only say a few words. An unsuccessful attempt at expressing herself sometimes leads to frustration developing into a tantrum.  However, with patience and consistency she can be redirected and comforted.
Joy needs a separate foster family of her own who can make the commitment to her for as long as she needs. The Ideal family would be that of an Inuit or and Aboriginal family.

For more information about the children please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, local 1139.

Garnett Forbes
March 15, 2017

FOSTER HOME SOUGHT for Freddy, Nicholas and Gage

A long-term foster home is being sought for a fifteen year-old Caucasian boy.
Freddy has grown up in a chaotic environment, and would love to live in a family where everyone eats together, family members have outings and activities, and regular discussions take place. Freddy is able to follow rules and respect authority, but needs guidance and clear expectations to keep him on track.
Being young for his age, Freddy loves to play internet games designed for younger children, and has a close friend he likes to play games with. Since he is slightly intellectually challenged, Freddy needs encouragement to learn new skills, but he is able to learn, and glows when successful.
Having experienced much trauma in his life, Freddy needs a one or two-parent foster family able to offer stability and emotional support on a long-term basis.
A long-term foster home is also being sought for 14 month-old Nicholas and his one month-old brother, Gage, both Caucasian boys.
Nicholas is a lively baby, curious and responsive to attention from adults. He is developing well, on track for his age, and always eager to learn. Nicholas is in good health, eats well and sleeps through the night. Baby brother, Gage, is also a healthy, happy baby who is developing normally.
Nicholas and Gage need a two-parent foster family, able to care for them on a long-term basis.

For more information about any of these children, please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161 extension 1139.

March 20, 2017
Gillian Hall