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Aminka Belvitt, who is in the homestretch of completing her degree, a major in Community and Public Affairs and a minor in Diversity and Sustainability Studies At Concordia University, has unfinished business to tend to.
She has made it her mission to establish the For Us Girls program in conjunction with Cote des Neiges Black Community Association, which she states is about empowering and educating girls many of whom are conflicted with challenges at a stage in their lives where they are bombarded with confusing media information.
The goal she states is “to encourage and develop healthy young women as a way of helping them understand the issues and challenges they are dealing with.
And she added that young girls 13-17 are constantly discussing body image in relation to the standard projected by the media. Young girls are dealing with friendship dilemmas, which manifests in the “mean girl” effect.”
An important aspect of the program, says Aminka, is about women encouraging other women,
Ultimately she added the mission of For Us Girls is to “help develop a generation of girls who are emotionally healthy and secure in who they are, and who will inevitably grow into young women who will continue the fight for equality for women and support other women.”
Although geared toward young women in the Black community, For US Girls will accommodate members of other cultural groups in the Cote des Neiges area.
For Us Girls will be launched on Sunday May 3, between 12-2 PM with a Brunch at Pavilion Nelson Mandela, 4920 Vezina, Cote des Neiges.
Registration: aminka.belvitt@gmail.com