Bursary Boot Camp to assist Montreal area student

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Chastitie Greaves is settling nicely in her nursing career. For that, she says thanks for the help offered to her by the community in the form of bursaries and scholarships, and financial aid provided by various community organizations over the years.
“I think I might have received two every year during college and university,” says Greaves, who earned her BA in Nursing from McGill University in 2017, following her studies at John Abbot College. “I think I’m extremely lucky to say that I graduated debt free.”
Chastitie hopes to be able to reciprocate for all that she has received.
That’s why she has made it her business to do all she can to raise money to assist students who are in need of a little hand up.
To that end she is inviting Montrealers to help with her initiative and at the same time gain a little health benefit from her Bursary Boot Camp sessions.
In addition to excelling at academics, she’s also a fitness enthusiast, and through her Chas_fitspiration initiative she offers ‘keep fit’ and personal training workshops.
She told the CONTACT that the Bursary Boot Camp will be held on Feb. 3rd and 17th, and on March 3rd and 17th at 6767 Cote des Neiges Road, and will involve a one-hour high intensity workout open to all age groups.
She says it’s high intensity but everyone will be encouraged to go at his or her own pace and capacity. The donation is a mere $5 per session.
All money raised will go to assist a student from our community in the Montreal area.
“That’s really important to me because I want to see more Black students in college and university. I’ve been in too many classes where I was the only Black person,” she told the CONTACT. “I just want to help.”
The bursary will be handed out at the annual St. Vincent and the Grenadines Brunch on March 18.
Check Chastitie out on her facebook page.