Salah Steelpan Academy showcases its presentation for Toronto’s Pan Alive competition

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The annual steelpan festival is not as grand as it once was, but pan lovers still relished the opportunity to take in some of its sweet sounds on Sunday, June 9, at Kent Park in Cote des Neiges.
Several bands from schools across the city were gathered there, along with a group from Forest Creek, Ontario, and Montreal powerhouse steel orchestra, Salah Steelband Academy. They offered spectators a taste of this year’s calypsoes on pan.
Highlight of the evening was a sampling of the Academy’s musical presentation for the national panorama competition in Toronto.
Like most of the top bands there, they will be playing the most popular soca songs from the 2017 Trinidad carnival, Jamming Still. As many members still try to master the intricate arrangements, the music is still a work in progress.
“We have won the competitions on several occasions in the past, we think we have a good chance to do it again this year,” Salah Wilson told the crowd at the park.
His masterful interpretation and arrangement of the song make the Montreal side one of the favorites for this year’s T.O Panorama, which takes place on August 4.