Mother and Daughter in Concert: Tara “Macomere Fifi” Woods and Mandy Woods here on March 28.

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Tara “Macomere Fifi” Woods and her daughter Mandy Woods are both blessed with amazing voices, powerful stage presence and an amazing capacity to deliver a song. Both have taken different paths to stardom on the Canadian music scene.
For the past decade or two, Macomere Fifi has established herself as unbeatable force on the North American calypso circuit while Mandy is quietly taking her place among Canada top reggae artists.
Both have earned their fair share awards and commendations to show for their exceptional talent.
Especially Macomere Fifi who since she “threw her hat into the calypso ring” has made an indelible mark on the art form around the world.
She won the Canadian Calypso Monarch title in her inaugural entry into the competition in 1998 and continued to win, copping the crown   five times including in 2014.
She also snagged the Miami title four times and earned a respectable 1st runners-up place in the highly competitive Calypso Queen competition in Trinidad and Tobago in 2003.
In 2013, her exceptional achievements and contributions were acknowledged with a Caribbean Music and Entertainment Lifetime Achievement Award.
As goes the old adage: “the mango doesn’t fall far from the tree,” LaVonne “Mandy” Woods walks in her mother’s footsteps albeit to a different, slower beat.
Like her mother she was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but she took her captivating musical style and her wonderful voice to the reggae circuit across Canada.
She has been making a name for herself as a solo artist under the guidance of  Toronto music guru Kafur Farrell, who has worked with several highly regarded performers including   Deborah Cox.
Together, Mandy and Kafur collaborated on several projects including a well-received single Playa GB.
Mandy is currently working with another reggae heavyweight in T.O Steele, who has produced her biggest hit to date, a cover of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow,” which continues to climb the charts internationally.
In 2010 she received two Canadian Reggae Achievement Awards for Single of the Year and Best Female Vocalist
These days she is fronting two leading bands in T.O.   the popular all-female group, Saint O, known for its exciting  soca-reggae repertoire, the band Impak, that thrill audiences with their   multi-genre offerings.
It’s not every day that music lovers get to see Macomere Fifi and her daughter Mandy on stage together, so it will be a rare treat for Montrealers when these powerful women of song appear  for a one-night show  at the CRC, 6767 Cote  de Neiges Road on March 28.
When they come,   they will be bringing a repertoire that’s touches the hearts of  music lovers far and wide. And they will be performing to the backings of a live band, AJ Music.
For this Black Moses Production , comedian Joyce Mcrae will make a guest appearance and DJ Six Ten will supply the music.
Mother and Daughter in Concert on March 28, at 6767 Cote des Neiges. Showtime 7pm. Tickets at community outlets. Info. @ 514-487-4918 or 438-937-1924.