Cherish your health, cherish your life…. cherish beauty on Nov. 25

You no longer have to make big sacrifices for beauty.
Once upon a time, most women had to live with very hard choices: lead acetates in hair dyes,  lead in lipstick, dyoxane in shampoos, formaldehyde and parabens in many cosmetics …
In short even today, your lipstick and mascara may still be harmful to your health.
Furthermore, too many of these cosmetics you buy are tested on animals. That’s cruel, because too many of them have died from these experiments.
Many companies have made pledges to remove carcinogens (cancer causing) and
toxic chemicals from their toiletries and cosmetics. Unfortunately, the majority has not.
You must protect yourself, your family and the environment by paying more attention to what you consume.
Frankly, you don’t need to use any of those products. No longer. You now have better choices. Welcome to natural and organic cosmetics. Cherish your health, cherish your life and cherish beauty.
Cosmodiz is a natural and organic beauty HUB; paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free products. The company offers a wide range of cosmetics for hair, face, makeup and body; for all types of hair and skin. For all color shades in lipstick, foundation, face powder,  nail polish, etc. You can find ‘how-to videos, advice on different products as well as multiple choices for your complexion, tastes and styles.
On Saturday, 25 November, Cosmodiz will showcase full lines of internationally renowned brands such as Couleur Caramel, Boho Green Makeup, Saint Cosmetics, Antonym, Adesse New York, Allira Naturals, Kaelen Harwell, Elate Clean Cosmetics and much more. Come and share with us the Green Beauty Revolution at the Jona Destiné and Makinson St-Martin’s pharmacy, 6530 Avenue Somerled,  in NDG.
The Cosmodiz staff and the pharmacists will be there to welcome you with joy. More info available at: