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On April 12, a cross-section of Montrealers will set off on a cruise dubbed Montreal Community Rhythms that will run through the Western Caribbean and take them to a number of exciting destinations, the glory of the islands.
It promises to be a week of adventure that will allow cruisers to indulge in the ultimate of relaxation and fine dining mixed with wall to wall activities on the majestic Freedom of the Seas vessel, part of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
As many as 60 Montrealers are expected to take the journey that begins at Port Carnaveral in Florida and make their way to Labadee, Haiti, on the border with the Dominican Republic,  then to Falmouth, Jamaica, on to Grand Cayman, followed by Cozumel, Mexico and then back to Florida.
The excitement of exploring those islands is matched by the splendour of the grand ship described as “a massive floating hotel” equipped with “amenities to transform your cruise experience with a soft touch of bliss and charm…”
On board the cruiser they’ll get whatever their heart desire.
If you like food, it’s available in abundance…all day all night…from the exotique to the standard in casual and fine dining… buffet-style and at specialty restaurants. And there will be no shortage of all types of drinks from various stations and bars strategically located on board.
If you like dancing and singing, you can do so for hours at discos, clubs, party halls and Karaoke sessions. Or, if you long for high entertainment, the Broadway and Las Vegas-type shows and comedy nights  are spectacular.
Then there’s the rejuvenating sensation of the open waters and the smell of the ocean breeze.
For some, what’s most enticing is the opportunity to explore some of the most interesting islands in the region and listed in the brochures “sightseeing, exploring historical sites, contemporary landmarks and ancient treasures, scuba diving, snorkelling, shopping and zip-lining.”
According to cruise director Glenroy Valantine-Rice, the Montreal Community Rythmn cruise is  about  “paradise waiting with amazing new authentic experiences every new day for you to discover and experience.”
For info. 514-922-1268 (Glenroy Valantine Rice, or 514-360-3939 (Harry Bissoon), or Community CONTACT 514-489-4540.