Some people say magic exists while cruising

Just asking…

If someone you love is afflicted with a serious disease, how would you show that you care?
Would you consider participating in a charitable event to help support financially,
Cancer can be ne of the most devastating diseases . There are many types, most of which are difficult to cure. The Leukemia anCRL4b58b330adcf0 Suit RCd Lymphoma Society of Canada is on the frontline supporting those afflicted by this particular form of cancer and they will welcome your support in the struggle.normal-blood-and-leukemic-blood
Most cancer patients live their lives with hope, courage and faith; but compassion is not what you should feel. The flame of courage is in your heart and the healing faith in the palm of your hands, your pockets or purse.
Voyage Carre Saint-Laurent and Light the Night Montreal West Island division in conjunction with Royal Caribbean International are sponsoring an 8-day  Southern Caribbean group cruise, between March 5 to 12, 2016, in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. From the sale of the group stateroom allocation, a combined $100 will be donated to the society. Furthermore, you could win a free berth (1/2 of a cabin) by purchasing a raffle ticket in support of the Society.
Money raised from this cruise will not only help fund research, but also assist with parents and family support, education, counselling programs and social activities.
There’s no age limit for getting blood cancer, leukemia, the most common in children (risk factors and treatment are always higher than adults), but the disease affects ten times more adults than children.
Leukemia affects the blood and bone marrow; the most common are Acute Myeloid, Acute Lymphoblastic, Chronic Myeloid and Chronic Lymphocytic.  Cancer affects the balancing of the body, mind spirit and emotions.
Your indirect donation will go a long way in helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada to broaden their efforts in finding a cure for blood cancer. We strongly believe that helping to raise money for blood cancer research is of the utmost importance.
If you are a frequent or new cruiser, then Spring Break is a good time for you to go on a cruise. Consider this hassle-free fundraising cruise, March 5 to 12 2016. No extra effort needed, no extra costs attached. Funds will be donated on your behalf while you “get away” on an exciting cruising adventure aboard the Adventure of the seas for seven nights and eight days.
Spectacular moments of mystifying bliss will lift you beyond your wildest expectations as you sail the Southern Caribbean aboard adventure of the seas and visit five jaw dropping islands. Wake up in a different island every day and broaden your cultural horizons.
Feel the love and create magical memories as you sail through a region full of contrast and exquisite beauty. Your perception will change with every island you visit. While on board the ship you will enjoy first class entertainment, state of the art gym and spa treatments.
The speciality restaurants will leave your discerning palate tantalize with the mouth watering taste of exquisite sumptuous meals and delicacies.
What can be grander than eight days under the sun while cruising through these ultimate Caribbean destinations?
Every moment of this charitable giving cruise vacation will be an extraordinary experience. Some people say magic exists while cruising.  Now it’s your turn to experience this glorious magic. Bring your family and friends and find out why. Discover the unfamiliar and evoke memories you would never forget.
Light the night Montreal and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Canada would like to thank you for cruising in support of this worthy cause.
Our team of Volunteers include
Sharman Yarnell Massey, Montreal Times/Press Coordinator
Sharon Seales, Montreal Light the Night West Island division
Richard Burnett, Montreal Gazette/CJAD
Egbert Gaye, Montreal Community Contact
Howard Stretch Carr,  West Indian Rythmns (CKUT 90.3 fm)
Harry Bissoon, Commissioner of Oaths and travel agent
Glenroy Valantine Rice, certified cruise expert, Voyage Carre Saint-Laurent

Contact:  514 922 1268 or 514 360 3939 at voyage Carre Saint-Laurent.
Cristina Cinquanta: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada 514 875 1000