Popular Jamaican Dancehall artist “Elephant Man” was scheduled to perform in Montreal on Labor Day weekend but the show was cancelled a few days prior.
The explanation for the cancelation was: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Elephant Man concert is cancelled”.
This announcement created uproar on social media, as fans were angry and outraged and many speculations were brought to light.
Many were asking: “Why do Reggae\Dancehall acts always seems to have visas problem”.
We all know that Dancehall and reggae acts have always relied on concert dates, rather than record sales, to generate income.
The inability to perform in the United States, Canada and the U.K. greatly diminishes their overall earning potential and opportunities for exposure.
There are always rumors circulating the social media as to why most Reggae / Dancehall acts visas have been revoked.
Some sources speculate that the musicians have been banned for advocating violence and murder against homosexuals, while others have conclude that it is because of many artists affiliation with gangs or criminals.
Either way, visa denials seem to become a norm with most Dancehall artist who carries the criminal elements in their music.
A perfect example is the controversial artists Tommy Lee Sparta who recently announced that his overseas travelling has been affected by his past affiliation with Vybz Kartel, who is now serving life behind bars for murder.
Tommy Lee Sparta popularity came about when he became a member of Adidjahiem Records and the associated Portmore Empire crew under the leadership of Vybz Kartel.
He has been a controversial figure in dancehall due to his self-described “Gothic Dancehall” style, which often features dark and Satanist inspired subject matter.
As of now he has left the Portmore Empire but is still scarred for his past affiliations.
Tommy Lee recently stated that he feels like they put something on his name. Every time he tries to travel, they treat him differently, somewhat like a terrorist. When they scan his passport, Vybz Kartel’s profile comes up and they treat him as if he still under Vybz Kartel camp.
In conclusion, I can say the difficulties these Reggae/Dancehall artist encounter is the main reason why Montreal promoters hesitate to bring them here.

Island Facts: Sept 8th 1969 – Jamaican changes currency to the decimal format.    
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