#SheDidThatProm is looking for a few good high school graduating students:  Deadline is March 1

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It’s a new year, and before you blink it will be graduation season. And #SheDidThatProm will be there once again for the fourth year to take care of two high school grads, meaning all expenses paid for the prom.
And the founders of this annual initiative, Katrina Nurse and Tamraa Greenidge, are back for the fourth year to make the dreams of two lucky teenagers – a young lady and gentleman – in the community come true by giving them an all-expenses paid prom experience.
It’s about giving back to (young people in) the community.
The female winner will be outfitted with a new prom dress, shoes, and provided with a hairstylist, makeup artist and accessories the day of the prom. Also, prom tickets, partial payment for transportation costs and a professional photographer to snap the memories throughout the night will be covered.
The male winner will receive a new suit, shirt, tie, socks and shoes, and a fresh cut, corsage for their lovely date and prom tickets.
Candidates must be 16 or 17 years old, of West Indian background and have an overall average of 80% or more in their final school term report card. Also, a 500-word essay stating why you should be the lucky one for the #SheDidThat for the 2017 prom.
Application Deadline is March 1, at 8 PM. And can be done online. Visit the website www.shedidthatprom.com