The Deliverance Church of God calendar of activities
On June 26, the congregation of The Deliverance Church of God 7th Day invites Montrealers to the Annual Bazaar.
Come see what’s on sale and on display. The event takes place at 4020 Grand Blvd, in NDG:
Other events include July 20 – Annual Prayer Meeting
– August 7 – Hot Dog Day
– September 17 – Church Dinner
– October 22 – Celebrating the Church’s 3rd Anniversary
Bibleway Bake Sale


Montrealers to their Bake Sale at the Church Hall,  2390 Coursol Street, Montreal
every second Sunday of each month.
Come Enjoy A Variety of Baked Delights
Breads, Cakes, Turnovers,  Coconut-Breads, Pastries and Much More
Proceeds  in aid of The  Building Fund . Sale Starts at 1:30 PM.
The Public is invited. 514 932 8225