On Sunday February 28, 2016 the Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal held its Black History Month Celebration at St. Paul’s Church. This year in commemoration of the country’s 50th anniversary celebration, a video presentation of the 1889 Cent Bread Riot was shown, an event marking the country’s first inter-ethnic riots between the Blacks and the Portuguese.
In attendance at the presentation was the Guyana Acting High Commissioner in Ottawa, Mme. Marsha Cadette, also Judge Juanita – Westmoreland-Traore, first appointed black Judge in the history of Quebec, who is also of Guyanese ancestry.


The Guyana Cultural Association invites all members of the public to their annual Food Fair to be held on Sunday April 24, 2016 at St. Paul Church 3970, Cote St. Catherine Road. starting from 11.00 a.m
Metro: Cote St. Catherine   Bus: 129
Come out and sample a large variety of Guyanese treats, sweets, delicacies and drinks.
Advance orders available: (450) 445-0747, (450) 926-1797,