On the evening of Saturday May 23, the community will come together for another grand celebration of the Cote des Neiges Child Care Centre at the annual Caribbean Night Extravaganza.
There will be music.
A free flow of it will be delivered by a line-up of some of Montreal’s top artists, with a featured performance by Mireille Philosca, a highly regarded singer who thrills audiences across North America.
Pete Douglas is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with his powerful baritone voice and his unique ability to deliver a song from the past.
As usual, guests will receive a cultural treat from West Can Folk Performers Junior and Senior troupes, two groups with a habit of sending audiences into a tizzy with their spectacular rhythms and costumes.
Soon to be husband and wife team CeCe Walker and Cleopatra Marshall will also be on hand with their unique style. As will be Susan Chato with her enchanting dance moves.
Another highlight of the night will be the food. Left in the hands of catering, guests are in for a culinary journey that as usual will run over several courses and feature a taste of different continents.
It promises to be an appropriate celebration for one of the longest-serving and most respected institutions in our community, which in the four decades and more has grown under the watchful eyes of Mr. Osborne Alleyne and his team.
Cote des Neiges Child Care Centre annual Caribbean Night Extravaganza, Schofield Hall, 90 Roosevelt Avenue TMR on May 23. Info. (514) 620- 5978 or (514) 733-1397.