Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, has said that his Tri-island Nation – Carriacou and Petite Martinique – has made “tremendous strides in the development of all sectors’’ of life, since the attainment of independence on February 7, 1974.
“In the last year, for example, we provided hundreds of students with full scholarships and assistance to pursue their dreams at colleges and universities around the world,’’ Prime Minister Mitchell said in a message commemorating this year’s 43rd anniversary of independence. The occasion will be marked in Montreal with an anniversary gala on February 18, organized by the Grenada Nationals Association of Montreal, Inc. and the Office of Grenada Honorary Consul in Montreal. The $70-a-ticket gala, which begins at 6.30 pm, will be held at the Holiday Inn, 6500 Cote De Liesse.
The gala’s keynote speaker will be MP Emmalin Pierre, Parliamentary Representative for St. Andrew South-East, and a Minister in the Office of Prime Minister Mitchell. She will be accompanied by Ambassador Derrick James, Consul General for Grenada in Toronto.
Mrs. Pierre is Minister for Implementation, CBI Promotion and Government Efficiency.  She’s also leading the process of introducing National Health Insurance to Grenada. Her involvement in politics began in 2003 when, at 28, she was appointed to the Senate. A former teacher, she previously served as Minister for Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs.
Minister Pierre, who is married with three sons, has been actively involved in youth development in Grenada and the Caribbean region for many years. She’s a former president of the National Youth Council of Grenada, and an ex-deputy president of the regional youth forum.
The theme of this year’s Grenada independence anniversary celebrations is, “Forging Ahead Together for Continued National Development.” As usual, the occasion is being marked by Grenadian nationals at home and abroad, including those in Montreal.
While Mrs. Pierre is visiting Montreal to speak at the celebrations here in the city, Prime Minister Mitchell will be the special guest at a Toronto gala on February 11, and Senator Peter David will be representing the government at an event in Miami.
At the February 18 gala in Montreal, organizers will present outstanding service awards to four Montrealers: Susan Sayers, Roger Calder, Davis Edgar and Howard “Stretch” Carr.
Dr. Mitchell, the Grenadian leader, has described Grenada’s future as “bright,’’ saying that after 43 years of independence, the nation’s “strong edifice of democracy has stood the test of time, withstanding revolution, national disasters, recession and other threats; yet, it continues to grow from strength to strength.’’
Grenada’s economy, the prime minister said, is “poised for take-off. We are putting our fiscal affairs in order and managing our economy. With positive and increased growth recorded in each of the last three years, regional and international institutions have acknowledged Grenada’s status as one of the fastest growing economies in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.’’