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Across the community, 2017 was ushered  in with  gatherings small and large as friends and family celebrated at homes and reception-halls where several grand new years events were held.
At Hampton Inn on the west island, organizers Best Bite Catering and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Montreal, boasted a full-house of  New Year’s Eve revelers who revelled  to music of DJ Nicholas,  Ottawa’s DJ Phoenix  and New York’s DJ Dr. Shaker, Dj 20/20 along with local  songstress Aralune and feasted on an adventure of dishes from the Caribbean, Asia and Europe
At Eveagreen Reception Hall,  Montrealers were dancing to the music of Julian McIntosh and the Caribbean Thunderbolt and DJ Six Ten and enjoying the always delightful dining and favors offered by Mama Hawk (Brenda Wallace), her daughter Cheryl  and  members of Hawks International.