Cote des Neiges Black Community Association remains an institutional force

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As is evident from the strong turn out and participation at its Annual General Meeting on Monday, June 8, the Cote des Neiges Black Community Association remains an institutional force by maintaining its viability and is continuing to offer a range of services to our community.
Ayanna Alleyne, who is returning for her second term as president of the association’s Board of Directors told the CONTACT that the CDNBCA has been able to maintain its vibrancy over the years, primarily through the efforts of a diligent core of volunteers.
“I think we all underestimate the value of volunteers, who, over the years, have contributed time and effort to support the paid staff and help to keep all our program services running,” says Alleyne who participated in the teen leadership program and then returned to the association as a volunteer.
“So I can say with certainty that the contributions of the volunteers and the volunteerism of the paid staff have been invaluable in keeping the CDNBCA viable. Our association could not manage without them.”
At the AGM held at the Nelson Mandela Pavilion on Vezina, Alleyne and Aissata Sow, acting executive director outlined a growing list of programs offered by the association to youth, adults and seniors in and around the Montreal area, including teen leadership, recreational and fitness, music, entrepreneurialism and strengthening families.
In her written statement, the executive director, Tiffany Callender pointed to their  “mission to create a wider spectrum of programs and services that will continue to address the various needs of individuals and families.”
She stated that our community is still burdened by issues such as high unemployment and limited access to health care among others, so the association is moving towards “more proactive strategies” centered on prevention and empowerment.
The new five-year plan outlined as a “road map to change” has three areas of focus: empowered individuals, health and well-being, and healthy families supporting each other.
The AGM also had an independent auditor report that showed the association’s financial performance was in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.
The association’s financial statement showed it having more than $175,000 in investments.
The AGM also provided an opportunity to hand out awards to several volunteers who helped strengthen many of CDNBCA programs, among them are:

•    Meriem Djebeniani, Joyanne Layne, and Uneku Haruna, Yves-Marie François for their support and assistance with the AFPRO project and Entrepreneurship program;
•    Abasi Thomas and Jade Parkinson-Gayle were recognized for their contributions to the Young Adults Committee.
•    Shawn Browne, sports coordinator, presented certificates to :
Caesey Shakes, Carl Cumberbatch and  Kris Bennett
•    Aminka Belvitt was identified for her work with the For Us Girls program
•    Victor St. Martin and Robert Hazzard for their overall support of the association and
•     June Best identified Mr. Smith and Ms. Headley for their work with the seniors’ committee.
Wendel James paid tribute to Ms. Helene Waverock, a former stalwart volunteer, who passed away this year.
Ms. Waverock,a past nursing union president and rights advocate was remembered for her contribution to the organization and the community
A new board of directors was also put into place, which included many returning members from last year, including Ayanna Alleyne, Erica Cadogan, John Cruickshank Michael Gittens, Leon Llewellyn, Wendel James and Abasi Thomas comes on as the sole new member of the team.