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Thirty years ago, The Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal Inc. (CBAC), was founded to provide emotional and social support to a demographic that has been prone to isolation, poverty and age-related depletion in their quality of life.
Over the years, the organization evolved into a vibration institution that, according to its public profile, has been able “to create opportunities for seniors”, helping them “to engage in social, recreational, cultural and educational activities” preventing social isolation and fostering their continued engagement in the community.
Today, members participate in stimulating activities such as computer lessons, arts and crafts, field trips, choir, dance classes and community participation.
The organization has been guided through its history by a long list of honorable Montrealers, including Wilfred Browne, Adolphus Robertson, Melville Medford, Michael Thomas, Erla Sandiford, Richard Lord, Emile Leacock, Emelda Phipps, Catherine Orr, Edith Dutherville, Wilma Alleyne and today, N’Oji Mzilikazi.
Among the highlights of this landmark year for the organization was a highly successful conference: Strategies to Maximize Better Aging, on Saturday, October 27, at Le Nouvel Hotel, which drew a wide cross-section of Montrealers to discuss a range of issues such as Intimacy: relationship, finding companionship and healthy sex; Financial Abuse and Elder Abuse; Leisure and Wellness Activities; Personal Care; Medication Management; Legal/Medical Cannabis and Seniors; Anxiety, Isolation, Financial planning, Stretching your dollar, Home Customization, Adaptation to electronics and Home Safety.
This year, their annual Christmas Luncheon was held on Thursday, December 6.
Contact the CBAC: 7401 Newman, Suite 6,
LaSalle, Quebec H8N 1X3. (514) 935-4951.