It’s not that bad hearing Yellow Bird one more time


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There is nothing like a good old fashion concert to heighten the sentimental contentment of the season…
And so it was on Sunday, November 30, when Caribbean Voices hosted a packed hall at the Caribbean Paradise Lounge in LaSalle for their Sing We Noel Christmas Concert and CD Launch.
It turned out to be an evening of bliss for the audience as they accompanied the 20-something member chorale and a backing band on a musical journey down a road called nostalgia.
Yes, the Voices had the hall singing and dancing as they delivered a repertoire of sentimental classics, including some timeless Caribbean folk songs mixed with a dash of seasonal favorites.
Also making an appearance on stage that evening were community favorites: Ezra Lewis, Constantine Greenaway, Stefin Noel and Jenna Noel.
The concert and CD Launch come 14 years after Caribbean Voices were formed to share some of the beautiful and lasting melodies that have flavored the Caribbean for many, many decades.
And many of them are among the 12 sunshine tracks on the CD, We Are Caribbean Voices, which is now available as a special treat to all Montrealers who crave a little sunshine in their music.
Remembering how difficult it is not “to thief a little wine” when you hear Highlanday and maybe it’s not too bad hearing Yellow Bird one more time.
For the CD call: (514) 484-6111, (514) 368-7008, (514) 756-8490 or (514) 344-2831.