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On Saturday, March 23, St. Kevin’s Church Hall will be decorated as a backyard melting pot with soup, music, live entertainment, arts and crafts, dancing and back home games-playing like dominos and cards for the Spice Island Cultural Day Association of Quebec’s Island Soup Fest.
“Bring your board games and dominos and play while you drink some of the most delicious Caribbean soups to warm your body and soul,” says president of SICDAQ, Mr. Ted Blaize.
He says also that it will be a celebration of diversity.
Music will flow uninterrupted from 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. with DJ 20/20, DJ Percy, DJ Kelo and DJ Barbo, with live performances by Calypsonians Doggies and Pufty.
Delicious Caribbean soup for your soul will include Cow Heel Soup, Lambi Waters, Fish Broth, Callaloo Soup, Pigeon Peas Soup and Ital Soup.
Arts and Crafts vendors are welcomed and will line the hall with everything from spices to desserts.
Call Ms. Janice Farray at (450) 691-7455 to order your booth. Applications close on March 16.