Rosie Awori

Haitian-born Djennie Laguerre, famously known as Madame Bonheur, can be trusted to bring any story to life. Rendez-vous with Home is no exception.
Written and performed by Djennie, the one- woman play uses music and movement to  build energy and create a strong sense of time and place for her audiences.
Laguerre has mastered the art of transporting  them  into her magical world of story telling.
Rendez-vous with Home intricately weaves together three languages (French, English and Creole), culture, history and dance into a multi-character, one-woman play.
It tells the story of two sisters, Suzette and Joséphine, and their mother, who were abandoned by their father, who was distressed about being an immigrant in Montreal. The girls grew up without him, yet upon his death, their pride-filled mother sends them to Haiti to pay their respects.
This is where the story begins. The two daughters’ expectations are completely subverted when upon arriving in Haïti the journey transforms into a discovery of love, humor and the culture of their origins.
The entire presentation is accentuated by musician Karl-Henry Brézault’s percussions, serving to further drive it home to the audience how much the story is rooted in Haitian music and culture.
Laguerre is a graduate of The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting and the University of Ottawa, and has a long list of theatre credits including Espoir, Imaginary Invalid, Les Zinspirés and Rez Sisters, among others.
For Black History Month, the Black Theatre Workshop will stage multiple school tours with public presentations at the MAI (Montréal, Arts Interculturels) from March 6 – 10 at 7pm and March 11 at 3pm.
For more info on this production please visit or call 514-932-1104