New years Eve at Caribbean Paradise

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Two years ago, mother and son duo Brenda Chambers and Todd Smith joined together to offer New Year’s Eve party-goers an alternative.
Their Lavish style event held at the Caribbean Paradise Lounge in LaSalle is aimed directly at those looking for an intimate spot with an ample supply of nice food and drinks together with beautiful people and music.
And it was such a blast back then that people have been calling for more.
“It’s like a reunion with old friends coming together,” Brenda says. “And it’s important for us to continue to do this because we have to bring people together to rejoice and to celebrate, especially at this time of year.”
Brenda has had her hands in the event coordination business going back decades, so she knows a thing or two about how to put together an enjoyable evening.
Thirty-something-year-old Todd has been watching his mom do her thing for years.
“She definitely knows how to give a quality event and give people what they want,” he says.
He too has been on the scene for many years, organizing shows with 80s and 90s theme for the 30-something set at clubs in the downtown area, so he is excited about bringing his crowd together with the older heads to bring in the new year in a fun setting.
“I think it’s great, using this venue (Caribbean Paradise) because it’s like the comfort zone. It’s the place where people go to have a good time without spending too much money.”
And because they have invested so much of themselves to make this event just right, the mother and son team is guaranteeing partygoers a good time.
“We have all the party (favors…) a meal, then cake and champagne at midnight, and lots of door prizes. Come and be prepared to be engaged.”
Todd is also super excited about having DJ Serius on tap for Lavish 2017.
“He’s simply one of the best for bringing together the various age groups; he plays for the young and for the old. We’re lucky to have him with us. Come, it will be nothing but fun at Lavish 2017.”