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Ultimately, the goal is to empower Black women and put into motion a process of individual growth, collective awareness and community building.
Organizers of the upcoming Black women’s wellness summit that takes place in Montreal on May 6,  are also hoping to use the event to bring together Black women of different age groups and different places of origin.
“Our goal is to try to remove the fear, mistrust and other obstacles that keep us from moving forward both as individuals and as a group,” says Kassandra Kernisan, on of the driving forces behind the summit. “But we also want to bring together those who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, and those who are over fifty to create a union between the generations, whether they’re French or English speaking, as a way to share wisdom and enthusiasm.”
She told the CONTACT that the day-long event under the theme, BLACK WOMEN RISE is aimed at triggering, “healing, awareness and
empowerment to a segment of the population that is far too often overlooked.”
It will feature a line-up of speakers focusing on the physical, emotional and financial health of women in our community and include a series of panel discussions, workshops and networking sessions.
Kernisan, a certified naturopath, holistic health coach and yoga instructor is the founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness, Canada’s first Kemetic yoga studio, and the owner of Pure Violet Natural Cosmetics, is teaming up with two other highly motivated entrepreneurs, Nydia Dauphin, a Self-Love coach and author, and Ziyah Queen Ifeya, a certified Holistic Life Coach, Womb Priestess, Magnetism Therapist, Doula, Hatha Yoga Teacher and Motivational Speaker to launch this initiative.
Kernisan says as three women in the wellness field they talk regularly about the many challenges they face and decided to have the conversation on a grander scale.
So the plan is to make this summit the first in a series of large events, smaller gatherings and online initiatives aimed at bridging the gap, making well-being and self-care more accessible to the modern Black woman.
In addition to their entrepreneurial pursuits, the three women bring a wealth of information drawn from their many years of research in the natural health industry.
Kernisan’s work lead to her  establishing a line of 100% natural, herb-infused skin and hair-care, aromatherapy products and healing herb teas
Dauphin is the author of the Self-Love Starter Kit for Sexual Trauma Survivors, which is described as a “a free guide meant to help survivors walk on their path to complete self-acceptance and happiness.” She also created the 21 Days of Self-Love Challenge, which she says has “put hundreds on a road to a more loving relationship with themselves.”
Queen Ifeya is the founder of MamBoSa Mind Body & Soul, featuring Kemwear Legacy, a clothing and accessories line, Mistik Mama Doo, a 100% organic cosmetic and feminine care line, and V is Delight, a Vegan catering company.
Kernisan says they will draw from their accumulated experience and expertise to provide the knowledge, guidance, and inspiration and support necessary to facilitate the collective RISE of Black women. Among the topics that will be covered are:
* Health Empowerment: Connecting To Your Inner Healer
* Welcome To The Yoniverse: A Womb Wellness Workshop
* Dare To Dream Big Black Woman: Living From Your Passion and
* Rising Together: A Circle Of Inspiring Black Women
The all-day event which runs from 2-9 PM, will be held at Espace Mushagalusa, 533, rue Ontario Est, Montreal
The event closes with cocktails and a performance by acclaimed Montreal diva, Kaisha Lee
BLACK WOMEN RISE on May 6 at Espace Mushagalusa, 533, rue Ontario Est, Montreal. Info.: (514) 570-3329
blackwomenrisesummit@outlook.com . www.blackwomensummit.com