Duke Eatmon,  Maya Johnson,  Ayisha Issa  and Pat Dillon among the winners at awards evening

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It was a  glitzy  and glittering evening on Sunday March 5 at L’Olympia Halll downtown, as  Quebec Black community celebrated its best and brightest at the Gala Dynastie Award presentation.
Several familiar faces, including our own Duke Eatmon, also of CBC Radio  together with CTV’s Maya Johnson, popular screen personality Ayisha Issa   and Pat Dillon of CKUT were among the big  winners for the evening.  They were chosen from the 95 nominees competing in 17 categories including  the media, culture, business and sports.
More than 600 Montrealers attended the event which bookmarked Black History Month 2017 and Montreal’s 375th celebration. It was hosted by Gaël Comtois et Cindy Charles and fesatured live performances by Pierre Kwenders, Stephane Moraille, Imposs, Lukay, Kae Sun and Skipper Dean, with additional music from  DJ Sandy Duperval.
Among Winners Gala
Dynastie 2017
Francophone Artist / group of
the year: Karim Ouellet

Anglophone Artist or Group of
the Year: The Brooks

Actress / actor of the year:
Ayisha Issa

Business Figure of the Year:
Byron & Dexter Peart

International artist / group of
the year: Kaytranada

Comedian of the year:
Eddy King

Anglophone radio personality
of the year: Duke Eatmon
Francophone radio
personality of the year:
Philippe Fehmiu

Anglophone community-radio
personality of the year:
Pat Dillon-Moore

Francophone community radio
personality of the year :
Cyrille Ekwella

Director of the year:
Benz  Antoine & Jean-Hervé
Désiré,« Dear Mr President »

Sports personality of the year:
Jennifer Abel

Anglophone television
personality of the year:
Maya Johnson
Francophone television
personality of the year:
Andy Mailly Pressoir
Anglophone Web influencer
of the year: Marcus Troy
Francophone  web

Influenceur of the year;
Kevin Raphaël
World music artist of the year:

Public choice:  Willy B. Rose
Hommage: Prix Hommage
Philanthropie: Vickie Joseph
et Frantz Saintellemy
Prix Hommage Dynastie:
Paul Fehmiu-Brown