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The lineup that’s in place for Socalypso Elite tent for its grand opening on Sunday, June 5, shows a coming together of the best calyposonians in the city and beyond.
The appearance of heavyweights such as Skippy, Doggies, Loveman Kent, Dennis James and Sagaboy tells us that calypso is making a grand comeback in Montreal.
And all these former monarchs will be sharing the stage with other big names such as Sugarman, Sweets, Lady Paul, Evelyn Houston and Nato for one of the biggest showcases of calypso music in Montreal in years.
As usual, the veteran Skippy is expected to show them why he has dominated the artform for so many years. But Sagaboy and Dennis James who have also been dominant on the local circuit and in Toronto (in the case of James) will be making grand comebacks after being out of the local tent scene for many years. Both will perform as guest artists.
Over the past few years James has been showcasing his exceptional talent in his native St. Lucia.
Another big comeback for Montreal calypso will be music band Jab Jab that has been off the scene for a couple years. DJ Six Ten and DJ ABNA will keep the music flowing.
The verdict is calypso is back in Montreal in a big way, and the crowd should also be big. It gets underway at 7:00 PM
The event will be held at CRC, 6767 Cote Des Neiges. Info: (514) 804-0548, (438) 937-1924, (514) 363-8080.