Thank You for making my b-day bash a success

Some say only it’s only when you’re not around anymore that people will show or express their  appreciation for you.
This statement was proven false at my first  birthday bash on Saturday  April 21, called “Big People Ting,”  which was a success.
And there is no secret to success. It’s the result of  preparation, hard work, and learning from failures and more.
Hard  work do pays off and the success of my first Birthday Bash is evidence  of just that. This year my birthday actually fell on a Saturday so I decided to create an event for it.
As we get older, we recognize the importance of having friends who are  authentic and genuine – people who love, respect and support us.
Most  of us are happier with a handful of best friends who we can truly rely  on compared to 25 friends who don’t really mean as much to us but for  me as a community person, the support and dislike can be on a much  bigger scale.
Big People Ting, was the name I’ve chosen for this event and the  concept wasn’t only to create an atmosphere for the mature at heart  but to bring back the vibes we had in Montreal years ago.
The event  got overwhelming support from the community as it was  completely ram out and full of vibes.
I would like to take this  moment to thank all the Caribbean oriented radio shows on CKUT 90.3FM,  Community Contact Newspapers, Djs such as James Bond, Crystal Sound,  Dj Biggz, Sweet Chunes and straight from Trinidad “Selector Pro” Mike.
As well as the host Pavie, photographer (Dj Hurricane) and my fans,  supporters, family and friends.
Thank You Montreal. And look out for my next event: I AM SOCA on Saturday May 19 .
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