Miss Spicy Grenada 40-plus

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When the seven participants in the Miss Spicy Grenada 40 Plus  event take to the stage at Le Manoir on November 15, the audience can look forward to an evening of good old-time entertainment and fun.
This event is an important one on the calendar for the Grenada Nationals Association and is expected to be a showcase of women who beam with confidence and style as they have been doing for many decades.
Participants include Joan Berkley, Betty Alexander, Rita Alexander-Samuel, Lona Williams, Hazel-Anne Cato-Perry, Jennifer John and Theresa John.
And each is expected to offer a showcase of her talent while she struts her stuff in fashionable evening wear.
According to Mrs. Karen Parke-Bernard, president of the association, “the objective of this pageant is to engage these women and to allow them to realize that true beauty lies deep within.”
Adding that “irrespective of age or what they may look like on the outside, if you know you are beautiful and nothing can change that.”
The women will compete in three categories, introduction, talent and a question and answer segment and according to Parke-Bernard “will allow their spiciness to shine.”
Photo: Front Row:  Joan Berkley, Betty Alexander, Rita Samuel-Alexander, Lona Williams.
Back Row: Theresa John, Jennifer John, Hazel Anne Cato-Perry.
For tickets: 514-369-5788, 514-737-8313 or 514-483-2178.