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Here it is from organizer W. Dee: “We call ourselves The Graduating Class as we are now able to pass the knowledge we have acquired to the young while still being able to keep a connection with the elders.”
He defines the Graduating Class as the generation between the 45 to 60 years of age and says that as time passes, although this group has grown with more responsibilities and many lives have changed significantly, they are still young at heart.
Most importantly, many are still able and want to enjoy a good party.
For the past five years, the Graduating Class has become the signature event of the group. It’s a reunion of sorts and over the years have grown to be one of the more enthralling events in Montreal defined by splendor, style, amazing music and camaraderie.
It really is not the place for the teeny-bopper because, according to W. Dee, the dress code is hard core “as we had them back in the day”: no running shoes, no caps (baseball), no jeans.
And as always, so much of the night is about the music: The 10 pm to 11:59 pm party will feature new sensation DJ Killa Jewel and hosted by W.D, then tune in to DJs Everton Green, Tuff and Eddie Lewis bringing you to the early light.
The Graduating Class takes place on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 11th at the Firm Club Lounge, 2363 Hymus, in Dorval. As we draw closer to the date tickets become more difficult to come by. Get them early at $20 at Mango Bay (get a FREE Smoothie when you buy) at Petro Canada, 535 Lafleur, LaSalle (get 5 cents off a ltr. of gas valid at this location only.) Monty’s Barber Shop, 7419 Harley (NDG), get a FREE line up and shave Triple AAA Records (Cote Des Neiges), get a free GRAD CLASS Music CD compliments of Lil Thunder and for the first time order on line at Info. 514 421-3476.