Three-year-old Luke

A Mixed Bank Home (Fostering with a view to adoption if the situation arises) is being sought for busy, lively and sociable three-year-old Luke, who loves to sing and welcomes as many applauses after his performances. He has a good daily routine, sleeps through the night, and is not a picky eater he loves food.
Luke is developing age appropriately, is able to give and receives affection. It can be challenging caring for Luke as he tends to tantrum, if he is not allowed to have his own way. However, with structure and consistency he can be redirected to follow clear directions. Luke is in daycare, is adapting to the structure and interacting well with his peers.
Luke’s parents are unable to take care of him. Ideally, he needs a two-parent Black Family who can make the commitment to care for him for as long as he needs, or to adopt him if the situation arises.

Six-Year-Old Tammy

A respite foster home (two week-ends a month) is being sought for six-year-old Tammy and her two-year-old sister Kay. The sisters are very close and must stay together. They are active, engaging children who love the company of adults and respond well to positive attention.
Tammy went to grade 1 this school year and the feedback from her teachers is positive, in that they are pleased with her academic progress. She is adapting to the environment, participates in class, is motivated and interacts well with her peers. Support is being given by her school in the form of after school home work program, to help Tammy manage her class work.

Two–year-old Kay

Two (2) year old Kay is said to be sometimes shy, is cautious of strangers but warms up once she becomes more familiar with them. She is learning to talk, is playful and needs help in interacting with her peers. She has a good daily routine, eats and sleeps well.
Kay can be stubborn and tends to throw tantrums if she is not allowed to have her own way. She is in daycare where she is receiving the attention and stimulation that she needs. Kay requires the supervision and hands-on care expected for a child her age.
The ideal family would be a two-parent Black family who can make the commitment to the siblings Tammy and Kay for as long as they need.

Looking for a home for Linda, 8

A long-term foster home is needed for eight-years-old Linda who wants the experience of being parented.
Because of her home situation, at her young age, Linda often takes on the parenting role. For example, when her mother is unhappy she feels it is her responsibility to console her. Linda’s social, educational as well as her basic needs have been neglected, (i.e. preparing her meals and ensuring that she attends school, and her home work is completed). Also, she has experienced psychological and social deprivation.
Linda is a pleasant, sensitive, and creative child who projects a general sense of apprehension in unfamiliar social environments. She is said to be stubborn and oppositional if she is not allowed to have her own way. However, with clear structure and expectations she can be directed to more appropriate behaviour.
She is capable of doing well in school; however, she does not have the necessary structured routine and supervision to allow her to succeed. She needs to be with parents in an environment that’s focused on validating and meeting her age-appropriate physical, social, educational and emotional needs.
Her growth and development must clearly be the first priority of her foster parents. The ideal family would be a two-parent Inuit, or a bi-racial Inuit-Caucasian or an Aboriginal family who can make the commitment to her for as long as she needs.
For more information about Linda, please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, ext. 1139.