A long-term foster home is being sought for a sibling group of three. Nine-and-a-half-year-old Jeff, 7-year-old Jack, and 4½ year-old sister, Jean. The siblings are very close and must stay together.
Their parents are unable to take care of them, so they are in need of a family who can make the long-term commitment to them.
Jeff is an outgoing, polite and sociable child who does well in groups. He is charming and helpful and loves to tease his brother. This behavior often gets him into trouble and causes conflict among the siblings. He requires structure to stabilize his behavior. Professionals are working on these issues and the brothers are learning and are responding well to specific expectations.
Jeff struggles academically and lags behind his peers; however, he has been making progress with the help of a tutor concentrating mainly on reading. He will need the continued academic support of a tutor to elevate to the level of his peers.
Jack is outgoing and polite. He loves to socialize with a small group of friends, but tends to be reserved in larger groups. He is very sensitive and emotionally fragile and struggles with issues or rejection, loss and trust from being distanced by his father. He is said to be stubborn and impulsive and therefore requires clear structure and routine to keep his behavior in check. He also struggles academically and requires the support of a tutor.
Four-and-a-half-year-old Jean is a warm, active and talkative child who loves to jump, run and play. She is learning her alphabet and can almost write her name. She has a good daily routine; she eats and sleeps well.
A two-parent Black family able to make a long-term commitment would be ideal for these children.
For more information about Alex and steps involved in becoming a foster parent, please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, local 1139.