Nice-tasting meat and fish on Sept. 5

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It’s just a little over one year since they opened, but the owners at Faycil Restaurant in Lachine continue to entice food-lovers across Montreal with their specialty dishes and baked delights.
When Fay and Cecelia  decided to get into the highly competitive Caribbean restaurant arena, they knew that they would face an uphill task. But they knew also that they were in for the long haul so they made it their business to prepare dishes that their clients enjoy together with delightful servings of baked goods.
Also, they never missed an opportunity to invite the community to special events where good food is served at special prices. Two recent Bar-B-Q days were outstanding successes.
So on Saturday, September 5, all roads will again lead to Faycil, 500 Provost in Lachine where Fay and her crew will fire up the grills and treat Montrealers to scrumptious servings of barbeque chicken, barbeque pork and barbeque fish, all at very affordable rates.
It should get underway by midday, so go early because Fay says it’s “the last round” for Bar-B-Q for the season.
Info. 514-538-6710.