Spiritual leaders from across Montreal and TO on hand for Pastor Beverly Deroy’s ordination

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The small congregation at the Montreal Deliverance Church of God 7th Day celebrated their 4th anniversary with a special mass that commemorated ordination of Pastor Beverly Deroy and her installation as spiritual leader of the institution that she has helped to found in 2013.
The installation ceremony was attended by a large group of local spiritual leaders and pastor all gathered on Saturday 21, at 2121 Grand Boulevard to offer their support to Pastor Deroy, who has established herself as an ardent servant and has been spreading her message of salvation far and wide.
Among those on hand for the celebration were two leaders of the 7th Day of God of Toronto, Pastor Rose and Pastor Edwards. Others present to lay a hand of support on Pastor Deroy were Pastor Joel Anderson of Church of God of Prophecy, Pastor Maureen Kellman at Prayer Palace Ministries, Pastor Stephen  at Christ The Rock Ministries, Pastor Stephen Hogan of Lighthouse Ministries, Pastor Paula of Bethany Ministries and Reverend Samuel of the Lutherans Church in NDG.
Pastor Deroy’s acceptance into the ministry is just another step in her continuing journey of reaching out to the dispossessed by providing meals and clothing to
those in need.
She also continues to make sporadic donations to various charities in the Montreal area. Last summer she handed over a $500 cheque to Veronique Salibur of the Old Brewery Mission, and a $300 cheque to the NDG Food Depot.
Montreal Community CONTACT join other Montrealers in congratulating Pastor Beverly Deroy  on her installation  as an ordained minister