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As usual, The Caribbean Pioneer Women of Canada had a capacity crowd at their 27th annual Tea Party, held this year on July 10 at the St. Laurent Recreation Centre.
According to the organization’s president Janet Smith and it’s founder Thelma Johnson the event provides them opportunities to help students in Montreal and beyond as they have been doing for the past decade or more.
This year, Kishawn Nelson and Akil Smith, beneficiaries of the bursary program both say that the money will go a long way in helping them in their education pursuits.
Guest speaker was Marie Cunningham-Clarke who was here representing the New Providence School in Kingston in Jamaica, which received about $3,000 from the Pioneer Women in 2012.
Ms Cunningham-Clarke who has an extensive background in media management, marketing and public relations spoke about progress the school has made over the past few years.
Ms. Johnson reminded guest at the Tea Party that they should be encouraging young Montrealers to get involved and take reigns of the various organizations and help lead the community into the future.