Kanye In Uganda

Self professed, Trump lover and Grammy award winning musician, Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian were in Uganda from the15th October till the 19th of October. The actual goal of their mission was not fully known but while in the country they held discussions with president, Yoweri Museveni.
At the end of the meeting Mr. West gifted the President with a pair of the latest “Yeezy sneakers” from his collection.
In a Facebook post, his office revealed that Museveni had given West, who changed his name to Ye last month, the Ugandan name Kanyesigye, which means “Ï trust”.
Museveni also gave the rapper’s wife the name Kemigisha, which means “the one with blessings from God”.
The Wests also visited the country’s oldest orphanage, the Masulita Children’s Home where they played and danced with the children. West rapped and played his new music for them. He gave each child the brand new Yeezy Boost 350 v2vs. Adding to his generosity he also donated Beats speakers to improve the music listening within the orphanage.
Their visit, as with most things in the West’s lives, sparked a lot of controversy and harsh criticism as to why they didn’t do anything long lasting instead of gifting white sneakers.
“Uganda needs more than white shoes, why couldn’t he build a road so that people can have place to walk with those sneakers,” a tweet is quoted as reading.



Cameroonian incumbent Paul Biya retained his seat in the Monday October 7th Polls. Biya, 85, will be extending his 36-year term by another 7 years.
He is now only behind Equatorial Guinea’s Theodore Obiang on the list of Africa’s log standing archons.
In Monday’s proclamation, the court’s president Clement Atangana declared the incumbent winner with a resounding lead of 71% of votes cast, while his closest challenger, Maurice Kamto garnered 14% of the votes cast.
Opposition candidate Maurice Kamto, who came second with just 14% of the votes, continues to dispute the official results, alleging widespread fraud.
The elections had a low turn out partly due to an election boycott prescribed by Anglophone separatists. The Anglophone/francophone crisis has been worsening over the past few years, where the Anglophone minority has been feeling grossly under represented.
Anglophones currently make up roughly 20 percent of the country’s population. Since taking power in 1982, less than 11 percent of the ministers appointed by Biya have been Anglophones.






Kenya’s Ice-hockey team comes to Canada

Although known for her long distance runners, Kenyans are trying to carve out a new niche for themselves. The Kenyan Ice Lions are the country’s first ice hockey team.
Formed in 2012, the team has been slowly been growing though it had challenges such as having to use second hand gear donated by friends or visitors from outside the country because the don’t have any stores where skates, gloves or helmets can be bought in Nairobi.
And their biggest challenge was that the ice lions had no one to play against.
This was until Canadian coffee- and- donut chain; Tim Hortons brought them to Toronto to have their first game.
National Hockey League stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon reduced the unsuspecting Ice Lions to tears as they walked into a locker room wearing the team’s green uniforms to join them for their game. They played against a recreational team of fire fighters.
“You know, for us this is all like a dream come true,” Ice Lions captain and founder Benard Azegere was quoted as saying.
“We didn’t have goalie equipment and nobody can take that risk to be a goalie without the proper gear, so what we used to do was we had a rubber penguin and we used to put it at the center of the goal and to score you had to hit the penguin above the belly.”
Mr. Azegere and the rest of the team are now back in Kenya, and since their return requests have been pouring in from interested parties who want to join the team
Azegere said there are only 30 hockey players in Kenya, a country with a population of nearly 50 million, a far cry from Canada where, according to the International Ice Hockey Federation, there are 637,000 registered players.