App provides an easy way beef up language skills

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In Montreal’s English-speaking Caribbean community we face a range of  literacy challenges.
Sadly many are lacking adequate literacy skills which consequently is  a barrier in the job market.
But it goes way beyond the job market and starts in the home where, parents with poor literacy skills find it difficult to properly communicate with their children’s school and follow the curriculum.
Adequate literacy skills is also a way to to build confidence and empower individuals to be active in society.
In the English-speaking community, another challenge is the lack of French language skills with many not even attempt to learn it.

A recently  launched Montreal start-up is aiming to  help anyone who want to improve  their French and/or English skills.
Adapt2Me, an inexpensive and efficient personalized language-learning platform available both on web and mobile for iOS.
And it’s an easy way to at least get a foot in the door  in the house of languages.
After taking a short placement test, the  adaptive technology generates a personalized learning path for each learner based on her/his unique skills, which enables each learner to focus mainly on their weaknesses and vastly improves the speed and efficiency of their language learning.
The platform provides activities and dialogue designed for the learner’s language level, with an interface equipped with a multi-functional dashboard to monitor progress, provide support through its community discussion groups and the featured item, the tutor button.
For a basic monthly plan of $5.99 you will receive a free 15-minute tutoring lesson with a certified language tutor (only available on web). Adapt2Me provides flexibility for learning time, learning on the go with the iOS app and personalized learning material for a successful learning journey. The content on the web and mobile support the same content and features. The company offers a 7-day free trial. Visit the website register for an account and explore our activities and dialogues in the language of your choice.
With your Adapt2Me account for iOS users you can download the free app on the itunes stores. Our app is user friendly. For any additional inquiries you contact Aminka Belvitt at: