Margot Blackman

Congratulations to Eula Williams of Cote-de-Neiges who was recently honored by the directors and staff of Maison Shalom when she retired after 23 years of faithful duty.
Maison Shalom is a  home for the intellectually and physically challenged children and adults, and Eula’s performance working with them has been outstanding.
In their recent newsletter, Benjamin and Vanda Treiser, co-presidents of Maison Shalom, wrote the following about Eula: The staff and residents will miss her enthusiastic demeanor, warm smile, and loving care. In appreciation of her many years of devotion to the lives of our residents, a party took place to honor her contribution and retirement. Eula is an exceptionally good person and will be missed!”
People who know her in the community, church friends and family, will agree with these sentiments.