Owner of new 2bFit Health Centre on a mission to spread the doctrine of fitness and well-being

By Egbert Gaye

With close to 20 years under his belt as a personal trainer, sports therapist and sports massage therapist, and on his way to securing a Master’s certification in osteopathy, Ian Parris has dedicated himself to assist Montrealers attain optimal health.
And after so many years in the industry he says he has come to know that the way to get there is through proper nutrition, physical fitness and heightened motivation, and mental awareness.
Driven by that conviction, Parris has set up what he describes as “a multi-purpose, all encompassing health centre, where you can have a workout and have immediate access to a variety of classes and health professionals.”
His 2bFit Health Centre, located at the former Gym Zone on Newman Boulevard in LaSalle, promises a holistic approach to health and well-being and will offer members access to a regular gym with the latest equipment, an aerobic centre for Zumba and other classes and a Zen room for yoga, hot yoga, meditation and Tai Chi and spacious health bar with dishes that come with a hint of the flair of the Caribbean.
He is particularly excited about having a paramedical clinic incorporated as part of the centre and listed the wide array of services and professionals that will be readily available, such as “osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and naturopath, as well as a dedicated weight loss and rehabilitation team of certified fitness consultants, nutritionists, athletic therapists and Kinesiologists.”
He added that the Centre “plans to house weekly seminars presented by health professionals in a variety of topics, including cooking tips, proper supplement usage, sleep deprivation, and back pain prevention.”
Being actively involved in the fitness and wellness industry at various levels in Canada for close to two decades, Parris is well positioned to take the pulse of the industry and is absolutely certain that Montrealers will also benefit extensively from his 2bFit Health Centre.
He calls it the future of health and well-being.
“What I’m offering is an environment for people who want to be healthy rather than just look good,” says the health conscious Montrealer.
Part of his motivation also comes from what he has been seeing and treating as an osteopath.
He has determined that the state of health in our community as just “fair” and says, “we can do a lot better.”
“We’re forgetting the basics in the way we eat and in our approach to being active, so we become (prone) to diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol and of course diabetes.”
He says there’s a root cause to all of it, which he describes as “the epidemic of obesity.”
“So much of the treatment and counseling that I offer revolve around diet and lifestyle,” he says. “My biggest advice is almost always: be active.”
The Kittitian-born Parris studied Linguistics at the University of Montreal, but walked away from that path and instead opted toward helping people to be healthy as a personal trainer, a sports therapist and a sports massage therapist.
He then pursued a six-year course in Toronto towards his certification as an osteopath, which is officially recognized as “a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes manual readjustments, myofascial release and other physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bones.”
“My decision to go back to school is based on my desire to treat more people, help more people…”
And in order to do that Parris has taken the first step by setting up what he calls “a high-end health centre at a mid-range price in LaSalle” and it’s open to help all Montrealers.

2bFit Health Center is located at 8351 Newman Blvd, LaSalle, QC H8N 1Y4 in LaSalle, Quebec. Stay tuned for our announcement of our grand opening. For more information: ian@2bfit.com
(514) 363-7373.