Wisdom & Life Apostolic takes city to another level with fourth Annual General Conference

Submitted by Nicole Robertson

Have you ever read the Bible and wondered why it seems that the life many Christians live doesn’t quite match what God says? In a day and age when nearly everyone has their own opinion about what is “right”, it can be pretty confusing trying to differentiate between religious tradition and what God is actually asking for.
It is for this very reason that God has commissioned Pastor Andrew S. Henry of the Wisdom & Life Apostolic Church to set the record straight. With a candor rarely seen in preachers of his age, Pastor Henry has been commissioned with the full apostolic ministry, and boldly ministers what God says, much to the chagrin of itching-ear preachers. All the animosity is lost on the young pastor, though; all he cares about is doing what God says.
And this year, the Lord said it’s all about holiness.
For those who have been spent any time around the sanctuary, don’t confuse biblical holiness with the bad behaviour of ‘holier-than-thou’ church folk who thought their status as saint precluded them from having to mingle with ‘sinners’. This attitude that has long driven people away from the life-saving station that is the church is exactly what God is NOT looking for.
Think about it: if God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so that whosoever believed could be with Him forever, then why would He want His followers to push people away? The purpose of this conference and the theme for this year is focused on bringing all people – seasoned saints and self-proclaimed sinners – together to listen to what God desires from all of us. If it’s not about the rules that have been drilled in our heads since Sunday School, then what is holiness all about?
Past conferences at Wisdom & Life have attracted people from across North America. With this year’s contingencies coming from as far away as West Virginia and Jamaica, and from down the 401 in Toronto, this is an international conference of the highest calibre, one that has been gaining momentum and shows no signs of stopping. With invited speakers in the likes of Bishop Aggrey Scott from New York, Dr. Colin Cawley from Toronto, and Dr. Koreen Duncan from Jamaica amongst others, the wealth of practical information provided at this conference is incomparable – and with a week full of daytime teaching sessions and anointed evening worship services, there is more than enough instruction to go around.
The conference runs from Monday, July 25th to Sunday, July 31st. To register, to consult the conference schedule, or for more information, visit Wisdom & Life’s website at www.wisdomandlifeapostolic.org/conference-2016  or give them a call at 514-748-6252.
Come prepared to experience the holiness of Almighty God; not as a rule, but as a lifestyle.