Color of Science: Calling parents and community groups

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Parents and community groups are being urged to take their children to the Redpath Museum of Mc Gill University, 859 Sherbrooke Street West, on February 22, and give them an opportunity to hear from two well-respected academics, Dr. Fredric Bertley and Dr. Charmaine Nelson leads a conference on education, the Color of Science.
The two academics will impress on participants the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in their educational choices.
Both bring a wealth of credentials to the podium for the daylong conference organized by the Garvey Institute of Montreal.
Dr. Bertley, a Montreal native, is now a senior VP of Science and Education at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia where he works on improving the quality of science education as well as improving science literacy for families and the non-scientist adult population.
Dr. Nelson, an associate professor of Art History at McGill University, is also distinguished in her field, and is an authority in the Visual Culture of Slavery, Race and Representation and Black Canadian Studies.
The Color of Science is coordinated by the Garvey Institute in collaboration with McGill University. The objective is to encourage students and other interested individuals to jump-start.
For more info. call 514-398-4094.