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Andrea and Dave Gordon

You know what they say about a family that cooks together… apart from staying together they make great food.
So it is with Andrea and Dave Gordon and their little catering service that they operate out of their home in LaSalle. A business, driven solely by the love, others like family, friends and supporters have for their cooking.
Obviously aware of the perils of self-aggrandizement, Andrea can’t help but accept just how good the food that comes out of their kitchen is.
“To be honest, I don’t think that there’s anyone in Montreal who can cook a fish dish as well as my husband… and I really, really mean that.”
She also dares to say that there’s not too much of a match in this town for her fried chicken as well her line of pastries.
Truth is her claims are substantiated by a very well-respected community man, Mark Henry, known around the city for his singing and his work with the Jamaican Association.
After indulging in some of Andrea and Dave’s offerings at a recent event, he says he’s absolutely convinced that other Montrealers should have an opportunity to experience the delights.
Married for 20 years, the LaSalle couple started their little catering outfit after friends and family began clamoring for more of the food that they were serving at their home parties.
So three or four years ago they established the catering service, slowly winning over a growing list of high profile clients such as Sunwing Travel and Jamaica Association, all of whom have sampled the couple’s sweet hands.
“What they get is a taste of back home… everything from ox-tail, jerk chicken, fried chicken, rice and peas, and of course the variety of fish dishes like it’s done in Jamaica,” she says. “And what we guarantee is freshness and on-time delivery.”
Montrealers wanting to experience the glorious taste of Andrea’s and Dave’s offering can join them at their Backyard B-B-Q2 on Saturday, July 27 at 1615 Beique, LaSalle, where the food will be in abundance at $15 a plate, along with non-stop music by DJ OJ. Local reggae star Sampaloo will host the evening.
Info. 514-690-8334.