Music lovers are witnessing a star in the making

Submitted by Dr. Quentin Newhouse Jr.

Phenomenal, talented, highly professional, genius, and composed with great stage presence are some of the terms I could apply to the performance I experienced last Saturday featuring Aliah Guerra.
Aliah is quickly moving up the ladder in the music industry, with a CD, recognition from SOCAN and a growing following on social media.
The 21-year-old budding local musician/artist performed with grace and style far beyond her years, even “scatting” during one of her self-written songs, which was well received by the highly appreciative audience at the Caribbean Paradise.
It was easy to see that Aliah will not be pigeonholed in any particular genre; she is versatile, gifted with the ability to perform jazz, country, reggae, gospel as well as R&B. Based on her performance, I even see her on Broadway, TV, even in the movies.
The up-and-coming local songstress has a sparkling personality, engages the audience and strives for excellence when she’s on stage, even in commanding the synthesis between herself and her band.
One of the highlights of the show was an outstanding improvisation featuring a duet by Aliah and her mentor, Professor Dr. Charles Ellison (on trumpet). I mentioned to him that we were witnessing “A Star is Born” and I predict that her future concerts will be sold out.
The support of Aliah’s parents and family, who sponsored the dinner/concert event
was in evidence all night
As a career educator and Life-Business Coach, president of a Canadian incorporated business since 2011, with local and international clients including OFC, a Black business collective here in Montreal, I help people of various ages and experiences realize their dreams.
With joint Canadian/American citizenship, my practice is growing geometrically, and my musical background and experiences in America growing up with Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, Aretha Franklin and even Ella Fitzgerald are further qualifications to state that Aliah Guerra’s increasing presence on the musical scene will only enhance Montreal’s reputation as a music magnet and producer of great artists on the international scene.
I pray for Aliah’s continued success, and am honored to chronicle her progress towards greatness.
Dr. Quentin Newhouse Jr. is president of  Q Newhouse Structured Coaching Strategies Inc.