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Cote-des-Neiges Daycare Centre and St. Paul’s Anglican Church Gala Banquet and Ball

Mr. Oswald Allen and his organizing team at the Cote-des-Neiges Daycare Centre joined with Reverend Jim Bennett and his congregation at St. Paul’s Anglican Church to offer Montreal another wonderful evening of fun and entertainment at their Gala Banquet and Ball on Saturday, May 25.
As it usually is for this event, Schofield Hall in Town of Mount Royal was jammed packed with friends and supporters enjoying the best in entertainment and the usual culinary adventure provided by Ronald Greenidge and his team at Bestbite Catering.
Grenadian-born philosopher and author Dr. Theodore U. Ferguson, who was in Montreal to offer a workshop on leadership and personal development, inspired guests with a brief but powerful message on the subject.
And the evening was made even more pleasing with performances by Mirielle Philosca, Cleopatra Marshall, CC Walker, Pete Douglas and Wes Can Folk Performing Company.
Pat Dillon served as MC and Little Thunder provided the music.