Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day

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TTwice a week for the past two years a small congregation of worshippers have been getting together in fellowship at their place of worship, 4020 Grand Blvd (corner of NDG). The institution under which they serve is known as the Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day.
The congregation of mostly women is drawn together by their dedication to doing what they describe as The Work, which is service to their “Creator” and helping others.
So far, many Montrealers have benefited from their dedication to help. They are regularly on the streets of downtown Montreal feeding those in need.
They donate to the NDG Food Bank and have made significant donations to the Old Brewery Mission. And have given food baskets and or financial aid to others in need.
Their extended hands have reached as far as Jamaica where they contributed to charities on the island.
On Saturday, October 24, the congregation of Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day invites the community to join them for a special 2nd anniversary service at 4020 Grand Blvd. Info. 514-736-0650.