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Well-known natural hair caretakers “Inhairitance Curl Spa” will be host of the first congress on the care and beauty of curly, kinky, wavy and locked hair at the Loft Hotel Montreal 334 Terrasse Saint Denis on Saturday, June 27.
The intention is to bring together “men and women of all backgrounds, curly girls, “naturalistas”, transitioners and curly hair fans to come and discuss with certified experts, meet various industry craftswomen and discover the best natural hair products on the market.”
According to Abisara Machold, owner of Inhairitance and founder of the Natural Hair Congress Canada: “Only a few specialists are trained to cut and care for curly hair. Each curl has its size and personality. We hope through this conference to offer an exchange platform on aesthetics, but also on the socio-political aspect of wearing our naturally curly and kinky hair.”
Among the keynote speakers for the event are Audrey Davis, who is a consultant in the industry of cosmetology, researcher, and acclaimed author.
Stacey McKenzie is a Canadian fashion model who  recently served as a judge on Canada’s Next Top Model, Stacey McKenzie, has also won acclaim for her outstanding support of youths through her work with Walk This Way Workshops, and Nerissa Irving, whose workshops will focus on hair and sexual health.
The conference will include panels and workshops, which will then followed by a flamboyant parade and live hairstyling competition and end with an after-party with DJ Crew.
Info: Inhairitance Curl Spa 514-225-2179 or